Ratatouille Lamb Pie

This isn’t a true Ratatouille because it’s loaded with ground lamb.  It isn’t a Moussaka dish either because I baked it in a pie crust and used Provolone cheese and mustard to coat the crust, then topped the filling with grated Parmesan.  So, it’s my own and I call it a Ratatouille Lamb Pie.  It was delicious.


Tonight was lazy.  When I feel lazy there is nothing better than taking food from the refrigerator that needs to be consumed before the next marketing trip.  So weekend meals around here is whatever is in the ‘fridge.  Tonight I constructed a simple sandwich by grilling some eggplant, zucchini, red onion and some chicken pieces that were doused with balsamic vinegar and left to sit for a bit.

In the past I’ve used a ciabatta bread or foccacia bread for these sandwiches.  I haven’t been happy with them though so this time I used a Mexican Telera bread that is usually used for Torta sandwiches.  Perfect.  It grills up nicely but doesn’t get so crisp that it hurts your tender mouth tissues.  That’s why this was perfect.

I made some  fresh basil pesto, blistered some red pepper and sliced up a bunch of provolone cheese.  We ended up with some delectable panini sandwiches that I finished on the Cuisinart Griddler rather than the BBQ grill so that I could gently press the sandwiches without burning myself.

Here are the results and believe me, they didn’t last long!

Panini Raw

Panini Cooked

chicken scarpariello

Chicken with peppadew peppers, garlic and rosemary. My take on Chicken Scarpariello (and there are many versions). Served with pan seared asparagus and Asiago bread from Boudin Bakery. Aromatic, filling and a big hit!

chicken scarpariello2



Leftover corned beef is something we cherish.  They are plenty of recipes on the internet for using up your corned beef: hash, casseroles, colcannon.  My favorite is a hearty sandwich with salad on the side.

This is a ciabatta roll spread on both sides with wholegrain mustard, then some (ok, a lot of) grated Irish cheddar,  a layer of caramelized onions topped with shredded leftover corned beef.  It is heated in a dry pan until the cheddar melts then served quickly so all that gooey cheese is all melted into the corned beef when it’s served.  Love this sandwich!

Leftover Corned Beef on Ciabatta with wholegrain mustard, caramelized onions and Irish cheddar

Dinner Pizza using leftovers from this past week: roasted baby red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, raw red onion, leftover piave vecchio cheese, leftover fontina Val d’aosta cheese, homemade mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce and topped with crispy crumbled bacon.  Delicious!

Pizza from Leftovers

We began with a pot of tomatillos and serrano chiles and ended up with Chiliquiles for brunch.  Delicious!

tomatillo sauce happening


Everything Bagel


I came across a recipe for bagels on the King Arthur Flour website.  The last time I made bagels was so long ago that I barely recalled the process.  So I tried to make bagels again with very pleasing results!  Here is my Everything Bagel  from the KA Flour website.

Bagel with Everything



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