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For the middle of the day goulash, beer braised brats, schnitzel and other dishes were too heavy for lunch.  So we made an adaptation that ended up with a German themed lunch rather than an authentic German meal.  It was pleasing, flavorful and easy.

Black Forest Ham, French Swiss Cheese (that makes me giggle), lettuce, tomato and coarse Dijon mustard sandwiches with German Potato Salad:

black forest ham and french swiss with german potato salad

It was served with a choice of Gewurztraminer or Riesling wine.  A separate platter offered cool cucumbers, gherkins with baby onions and sliced tomatoes.  Wonderful lunch!

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Last night we served a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Buffet with 3 different grilled sandwich delights.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Assortment
First was the Jalapeño Cheese grilled cheese with softened cream cheese, roasted jalapeño and mixture of spicy Jack and Sharp Cheddar. The second sandwich was a combination of tart Granny Smith apple, thick sliced Applewood Bacon and Sharp Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Next up was a Green Goddess Cheese Sandwich with an herbed cheese spread comprised of cilantro, Italian parsley, Basil, Tarragon, shallot, lime and some other goodnesses grilled sandwich.

sandwich stack

We used two artisan breads for the sandwiches smeared with a condiments including Dijon mustard, Major Greys Mango Chutney and on the side we offered miniature dill pickles and home-baked crinkle cut potato chips.

For a first course we offered a choice of two soups: tomato basil or chicken with matzo balls. Not one drop of leftover soup at all!

It was a great evening, good food and the finale was a sweet dessert of homemade fro-yo (frozen yogurt) with fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries from our farmers market.  And as an added option we offered a selection of Girl Scout Cookies because it’s a personal thing.  I love the cookies and the program.


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As long as I can recall my feet have always had sparks beneath my heels.  I can’t stay in one place for long periods of time.  The road, the sky and even the ocean beckon me from afar.

405 Freeway, California

When my online friend, Tonia, mentioned her layover on the first leg of her journey to Australia, my immediate impulse was to buy a ticket and join her.  My senses caught up with me soon thereafter, so I settled on meeting with Tonia in the Los Angeles area.

Manhattan Beach

I intended to use our lunch as an opportunity to write a review of the restaurant, Shark’s Cove in Manhattan Beach.  With a note of embarrassment, I confess that we talked so much I barely tasted my food.  It was filling and clean.  That’s about the best I can say.  I’ll have to go back and try the place again.

Sharks Cove Restaurant, Manhattan Beach, CA

Tonia enjoyed her hamburger, fries and beer.

Burger Plate with Fries

My club sandwich, curly fries and wine were enough to last me well into the evening.  I would eat there again.  (Some review, eh?)

Curly Fries witih a Club Sandwich

Since cooking is my forte while Tonia’s is photography,  I seized the opportunity to shoot with her.  We strolled down to the Manhattan Beach pier, after fortifying ourselves with that big lunch and a little refreshment.

Food Signs

We shot several hundred photos while the ocean breeze blew our hair wild and the seagulls soared overhead.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Manhattan Beach, CA

Fishing Girl

Bagged Fish

White on White


Now that Tonia has safely landed in Australia, I can admit that I’m jealous.  There’s still time for me to buy a ticket and catch up to her but I think I’ll just wait for the glorious photos she’s bound to capture.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to our next visit even more than that.

Sun Meets the Surf

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