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In an obvious effort to begin anew, the year 2010 weighed in this evening with a sunset that beat out 2009 in both color and drama.  According to the photographer’s guidelines to sunset and dusk timing, I poised the camera at the ready at 4:54 this evening toward the west (Hello, Sonia!).

I stood at the ready shooting at intervals, in order to capture the most dramatic colors, until dusk that according to schedule was at 5:21.

I simultaneously engaged the neighbors who were attempting to chat over the fence, while using my remote to click the shutter, as the dogs below barked furiously as if they had never seen me before tonight.I hasten to add I did not spill one drop of wine while enjoying this photo shoot, the cold air, the colors, the neighbors and the barking dogs who serve as a suitable burglar alarm as necessary (yes, I am referring to both).

I happily greeted 2010 and then sped out the door for a luxurious sushi dinner that I didn’t have to prepare!  Life doesn’t get better than this.

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Tranquility lives in any chosen momentBird in Water

Depending on the impulse of perceptionkauai_20080302_020-bird-with-yingyang-koi.jpg

That reveals either reality or reflectionBird and Reflection

Of where we happen to bekauai_20080302_027-crowd-of-koi.jpg

Standing Koi

And what we choose to seekauai_20080302_029-koi-close-up.jpg
With any degree of claritykauai_20080302_030-koi.jpg

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