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Simple combination of garlic, ginger, sesame oil, rice vinegar and a touch of brown sugar to cut the spice, with green onions, grated carrots, ground chicken, a touch of mustard powder and white pepper and some chopped water chestnuts for texture.  Spoon into butter lettuce leaves, roll and enjoy.  A great refreshing summer meal.  It also makes a quick and easy appetizer.

Spicy Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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Making meals at home is an excellent way to stave off the rising cost of restaurant dining.  Occasionally, the ritual, ambiance and service in a restaurant is worth the expense.  However, these days, sticking close to home is best for our bank account.

When a hunger for sushi rises, off I go to my local Asian market.  There I find the freshest sushi grade tuna, imitation crab and also nori for my homemade sushi treats.

Sushi Rolls, Homemade

Believe me, it’s quite a savings over a local restaurant bill.  The fish in my sushi rolls cost me $9.35, the avocado and cucumber under $2.00, nori was $1.49.  My yield was about 10 sushi rolls. Try ordering that at your local sushi spot for under $13!

I created a tuna with wasabi roll and an imitation crab with avocado and cucumber roll.  I served them with a mound of steamed rice, a choice of tamari sauce or soy sauce, pickled ginger and additional wasabi.

Sushi Rolls, Homemade

Our starter was a miso soup with shitake, tofu and pea sprouts with a chopped scallion garnish.

Miso soup with Shitake mushrooms, Tofu and Pea Sprouts

Served with the soup and additional rice mound, I produced enough food for 8 happy eaters!  Wow, I feel good about that—and it was gluten free* too!

Simple elements, little cost, moderate prep time and huge enjoyment!

*Omit Asian soy sauce and opt for gluten free tamari or La Choy soy sauce.  Gluten free miso is available to Whole Foods and most natural food stores.

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