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Fun is what makes a weekend different from the humdrum weekday routine.  Sightseeing in your hometown can take surprising turns.  We were out shopping for a baby gift, visiting all the haunts for deals so we could put together a great “baby basket” for the expectant couple.  This meant a sightseeing tour of neighborhoods we don’t frequent.

After a few hours, our tummies were growling.  Where should we eat?  We passed a handful of fast food shops.  Nope, none of us would spend money there.  We quested for a bonafide restaurant.  After many blocks of nothingness, we made a pact that we would stop and take a chance at the next place we passed where we could sit down to eat.

Along came Woody’s Burgers!  We couldn’t have stumbled upon a better lunch that day.  We went to the counter to order and it took several minutes for each of us to decide on a dish.  Once we did, the fun began.

Our order taker was polite, humorous, and informative.  Best of all he got all our orders correct and delivered them hot and ready to eat.

The only problem was deciding which burger, of the ones we ordered, was the best.  We couldn’t.  They were all good.  We also had a shared plate of sweet potato fries that was plenty for three people.  A very generous portion that satisfied all of us.

So, if you are in the San Diego area and have a craving for a burger (or even a Portobello burger) with an icy cold locally brewed beer, Woody’s Burgers is the place!  Oh and they have a shop in Palm Springs too if you are dirt biking in the desert.

The Blue Cheese Burger:  A 100% Angus Beef  with tomato and Blue Cheese Crumbles and special Blue Cheese Sauce

Blue Cheese Burger

The Hawaiian Burger: 100% Angus Beef, Grilled Pineapple, Toasted Bun, Lettuce, Tomato and Teriyaki Glaze

Hawaiian Burger

The Jalapeno Burger: 100% Angus Beef, Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheese, Toasted Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeno and Spicy Sauce.

jalapeno burger

Aren’t you  hungry now?  I am.  I could do it all over again right now.  Fresh ingredients, great service, and food served as it should be.

(This is my unsolicited opinion and I have no relationship to the restaurant or anyone involved in it.  I just loved their food enough to write about it.)


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Rarely, if ever, is staying away from home immensely pleasurable for me. Over the years, I’ve learned to make my lodgings the least of my expectations — following close behind unreliable flight departure times. As a result I can sleep soundly as long as darkness envelopes me and I am content if some means of sanitation is available.

Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa, Kauai, Hawaii

However, The Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa impressively lived up to every large and insignificant advertised feature. The room was spacious, clean and so quiet that I had no idea there were other people in the rooms surrounding ours. The staff knew our names on sight and that added to the overall friendly ambiance with every smile!

Grand Hyatt Resort Grounds

What put this place over the top was not the grounds, although they were breathtaking and if you are getting married with endless funds for the wedding, check it out.

Grand Hyatt Resort Grounds

It was not the salt-water lagoons even though it was fun to see people kayaking along in them or swimming.

Grand Hyatt Resort Grounds

It was not the crystal clear swimming pools with floating food and drink bars.

Grand Hyatt Resort Swimming Pool

It wasn’t even the wonderful landscaping and wildlife as we wended our way toward our morning meal.

Grand Hyatt Resort, Lobby Area


Verdant Greenery


It was our decadent, delicious and deliriously joyful breaking of the fast as we dined over looking a lagoon with koi and swans.

Grand Hyatt Lagoon

Grand Hyatt Restaurant

Begin with a Mango Smoothie Shot, compliments of the chef.

Mango Smoothie Shot

Enjoy the view while you wait for your order to be served with a smile


Then the Tropical Pancakes arrive, hot and sweet, filling your head with wild cravings

Tropical Pancakes with Fresh Banana and Fresh Strawberries

The Frittata that was out of this world with a choice of garnishes, fresh vegetables and an aroma that made me and my sexy companion delirious for several minutes

Frittata with Fresh Vegetables and assorted garnishes

With elevated happiness both inside and out, we began our excursion for the day.

The Road to Koloa, Kauai

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